Building Permit Forms

General Permitting Information
If you have any questions, please call Town Hall 561-732-2635.

ACCA Manual Form - All mechanical permits need the ACCA Manual form and tie down information
Appeal Decision of Administrative Official Application
Appeal Decision of Planning & Zoning Commission Application
Building Permit Application - 1) Owner's signature is required on the permit application plus notary. 2) Cash or check only; pay at time of submittal. Please note: This is a generic building permit application. (We do NOT accept the county's permit application.) Submit one notarized application along with two copies of contract/proposal, signed Construction Site Management handbook, and two copies of related back-up material (3 copies if drainage related). Please include copy of the contractor’s Florida State License, Palm Beach County Business Tax Receipt, Certificate of Competency, General Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation or Exempt must be submitted with permit package (including no-fee sub contractor’s permits). The application only may be submitted via email or fax at 561-737-8359. If you are looking for the No-Fee Sub Permit application (means work/cost/plans included under main permit - please verify with the General Contractor), please find form below (forms in alphabetical order).
Building Checklist for New Structures & Additions - This checklist is for new structures and additions. You must bring this form with you when submitting for new SFR/MFR and additions. Please call to schedule an appointment. 
Change of Contractor Form - Old contractor, new contractor and property owner signatures required.
Change of Permit Status Form - Use this form should you want to request to administrative close a permit, cancel a permit, renew a permit one time for 6 months. $50 fee due (no fee for the cancellation of permit)
Certificate of Occupancy/Completion Checklist - (for new structures/additions and substantial improvements)
For Official Use Only - Contractor's may use as a guideline. List of inspections and paperwork required before a CO will be issued.
Construction Site Management Handbook - Top page must be signed by contractor or owner and submitted to Town Hall prior to the release of a permit. The handbook is to be attached to the permit and on the job site at all times. 
Demolition Permit Checklist
Driveway Checklist/Swale Agreement/Detail Form
Dune Trimming Application
Early Power Release Form
Elevation Certificate Booklet  - (Link will take you to FEMA's website) Must be filled out correctly by surveyor and turned in before a final building/certificate of occupancy will be issued.  If any part of the elevation certificate is incorrect, you must have it corrected. Please follow the instructions in the Elevation Certificate Booklet and also review the Elevation Certificate Guidance form to ensure correctness and completeness.
Energy Performance Level (EPL) Display Card
Fence Permit Checklist 
Fill Permit/Lot Clearing Application - Submit application, payment, and 3 copies of current survey and 3 copies of civil engineer plans with detailed information.  
Hurricane Mitigation Form
HVAC Form - Submit two copies with permit application.
Land Development Action Form
Land Development Code Administrative Variance Application
Landscape Alteration Checklist
Mandatory Duct Inspection Certification Form
No-Fee Sub Permit Application - A No-Fee Sub means that your cost and plans were included under the main permit. If they were not, then you would submit a stand alone permit using the Building Permit Application. The No-Fee Sub Permit Application may be submitted via email or fax at 561-737-8359.
Notice of Commencement - Notice of Commencement can be filed at the Main Courthouse, 205 N. Dixie Hwy., West Palm Beach, FL 33401. Recorded copy must be submitted before permit can be released. NOC is needed when estimated cost of job is $2500 or more.
Owner/Builder Affidavit Disclosure Statement Form
Permit Revision Application - Submit revision with backup material (if any) - 2 copies if building permit related only; 3 copies if impacts drainage. Revision fees apply payable by cash/check only.
Rental Registration Application - Please fill out, sign, and return original to Town Hall along with $35.00 registration fee. Annual registration period begins January 1 and ends December 31.
Right-of-Way Parking Permit Application - $50/each (maximum 2). We accept cash/check only. Include site plan detailing parking details, etc.
Roofing Forms Packet - All new roofs and reroofs are required to submit the following forms when submitting a permit.  You may also need the hurricane mitigation form above.
Tree Removal Permit Application
Utility Easement Consent Form
Window & Door Installation Affidavit