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The Mission of the Town of Ocean Ridge is to create and maintain a beautifully landscaped, diverse seaside community built around the family and civic pride, state of the art public services and infrastructure that enhances the natural beauty of our Town.

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Municipal Code Corp. - (This link will navigate away from this site)

Below are listing of all ordinances passed since March 2010. Simply click on the title to view the entire ordinance. For those beyond Ordinance 626, please call Town Hall at 561-732-2635 to request a copy.


Ordinance No. 585 - Amending Chapter 67, Article III, Section 67-58(c) providing penalties for commencing any work on a building for structure before obtaining the necessary permit.
Ordinance No. 586 - Amending the Code, Chapters 64, Section 64-1(i)(3) and (j)(3) decreasing the maximum height of a single story residence; amending Chapter 64, Section 64-1, figure 64-6 reflecting the reduction of maximum height of a single story residence and reducing the maximum tie beam for a single story residence.
Ordinance No. 587 - Amending the Comprehensive Plan by adopting the evaluation and appraisal report-based comprehensive plan amendments as a set forth herein and attached hereto.
Ordinance No. 588 - Amending the Code, Chapter 66, Article I, General Provisions, Sea Turtles and Wetlands, by adding a new Section 66-3 to be entitled Bird Sanctuary, providing for the designation of the Town of Ocean Ridge as a Bird Sanctuary.
Ordinance No. 589 - Amending Chapter 54, Article III, Section 54-87 modifying the provisions for overnight parking on public streets or vacant lots.
Ordinance No. 590 - Implementing the procedures found in Article III, Section 3.06 of the Town's Charter for filling vacancies in the Office of Commissioner and adding procedures for filling vacancies in candidacy for the Office of Commissioner occurring after the close of qualifying as required Section 166.031(6), Florida Statutes.
Ordinance No. 591 - Prohibiting fishing from or loitering on bridges within the town where a sign is posted prohibiting such activities.
Ordinance No. 592 - Amending Chapter 67, Article III, Section 67-31(a) Adopting the Florida Building Code to add provisions regarding wind speed lines and risk categories of building and other structures.
Ordinance No. 593 - Amending Chapter 34 of the Code adding a new Article V declaring certain conditions on lots, parcels, and tracts within the town boundaries to be a nuisuance, prohibiting the accumulation of trash, junk, or debris, living and nonliving plant material, and stagnant water; prohibiting the excessive growth of grass, weeds, brush, and other overgrowth; prohibiting the keeping of fill on property that results in certain conditions; prohibiting certain conditions that constitute the imminent threat to public health; authorizing the town to undertake immediate abatement and remedy of imminent public-health threats; providing for enforcement of violations of this new Article V; requiring notices to owners and, if applicable, agents, custodians, lessees, and occupants of property in violation of this new Article V; providing for appeals of violation notices; authorizing the imposition and levy of special assessments if costs are incurred by the town and not reimbursed by the property owner or, if applicable, the property agent, custodian, lessee, or occupant; requiring notices of assessments; providing for assessments for the cost of lot-cleanup; establishing the town as a special assessment district; authorizing the levy of non-ad valorem assessments in connection with violations of the provisions of Article V; providing for the collection of non-ad valorem assessments; authorizing an agreement with the Palm beach County Property Appraiser and Tax Collector authorizing and requiring the adoption of a resolution regarding the town's use the uniform method of collection non-ad valorem assessments; providing for annual non-ad valorem assessments rolls.
Ordinance No. 595 - Amending Code to comply with Chapter 2011-109, Laws of Florida, which confers exclusive authority to regulate the filed of firearms and ammunition to the State Legislature.
Ordinance No. 596 - Amending Chapter 67, Article III, Section 67-31(a) adopting the Florida Building Code to add provisions regarding wind speed limes and risk categories of buildings and other structures.
Ordinance No. 597 - Opting out of the amended Palm Beach County lobbyist registration Ordinance 2011-039.
Ordinance No. 598 - Amending Code at Chapter 67, Buildings and Building Regulations, Article VIII, Building Standards, Section 67-174, Maintenance and Appearance Standards, and at Chapter 66, Environmental Regulations, Article IV, Landscaping, Section 66-119; Installation; Maintenance; Plant Material and at Chapter 34 Nuisances, Article I, in general, Section 34-6, removal of rubbish, noxious plants, stagnant water and weeds, making it unlawful and constituting a nuisance for ant person owning land within the town to have or permit thereon any dead, dying or defoliated hedges or trees and/or hedges, trees or other plants infested with any type of exotic pest such as white fly.
Ordinance No. 599 - Amending Code at Chapter 67, buildings and building regulations, Article III, technical codes and other construction standards, section 67-32, floor elevations.
Ordinance No. 600 - Amending Code at Chapter 30 by creating a new article IX Registration and Maintenance of Properties in foreclosure.
Ordinance No. 601 - Amending Code at Chapter 66 Environmental Regulations by repealing and creating a new Article I Section 662 Protection of Sea Turtles.
Ordinance No. 602 - Amending Code at Chapter 66 Article IV, Landscaping, by creating a new division 5 - Florida-friendly use of fertilizer - Sections 66-162 to 66-170.
Ordinance No. 603 - Amending Code at Chapter 30, Licenses and Business Regulations, by creating a new Article VII, Business Permit Section 30-157, Residential Rental Registration and Section 30-158 fee.
Ordinance No. 604Amending Article V, sections 2-191(a), 2-191(b) and 2-193 of the Code to amend the code's language regarding the applicability of state law generally; remove the exemption of the town from uniform filing dates and election dates; corn form the qualifying time for candidates for the office of Town Commissioner to the time provided for in laws of Florida.
Ordinance No. 605 - Amending Chapter 6, Article V of the Code adding new section 6-108 through 6-111 to conform the Code language regarding the permitting and installation of low-voltage alarm systems to the Florida State Statutes.
Ordinance No. 606 - Amending Chapter 67, Article III, Section 67-58 of the Code to provide for the refund of building permit fees.
Ordinance No. 607 - Rejected
Ordinance No. 608 -  Amending its Code at Chapter 30, Licenses and Business Regulations, by Amending Article VII, Business Permit Section 30-157, Residential Rental Registration, to alter the reporting requirements contained therein and Section 30-158 to establish a new fee schedule.
Ordinance No. 609 - Amending Chapter 1, Section 1-3 of the Code to provide revised definitions of Vehicle and Motor Vehicle; Amending Chapter 62, Article II, Sections 62-26 through 62-29 and 62-31 through 62-33 of the Code to provide regulations on beaches within the town.
Ordinance No. 610 - Rejected
Ordinance No. 611 - Providing for the date of the annual Town Election in March, 2016, to coincide with the Presidential Primary; establishing the proposed qualifying period for candidates; providing for supremacy of this ordinance over all ordinances inconsistent with or in conflict with this ordinance; and providing for an effective date on second reading.
Ordinance No. 612 - Amending Article IV, Division 1, Section 66-117 to make Landscape Provisions of Division 1, Parking Area Landscape, Applicable to Single Family and Duplex Dwelling Units.
Ordinance No. 613 - Amending Section 1-3 Definitions of the Code of Ordinances to include Partial Demolitions of Improvements; and further amending Article III, Technical Codes and Other Construction Standards, Division 2, Administration and Enforcement, Section 67-51, Permit Required, to Include Requirements relative to Partial Demolition Permits and the Prevention of Blight.
Ordinance No. 614 - Changing the date of the Town's Election in 2016 from the Second Tuesday of March to March 15, 2016, The date of the Presidential Preference Primary Election date.
Ordinance No. 615 - Amending Chapter 1 "General Provisions", Section 1-3, "Definitions" to clarify the definition of "family"; Chapter 67 "Buildings and Building Regulations", Article VII. "Building Standards", by Creating Division 3, "Occupancy Limitations" to clarify such limitations and to provide for a reasonable accommodation process for persons with disabilities and/or handicap.
Ordinance No. 616 - Amending Chapter 67, "Buildings and Building Regulations", Article III, "Technical Codes and Other Construction Standards", Division 2, "Administration and Enforcement", Section 67-55, "Construction Board of Adjustments and Appeals" to provide that certain appeals may be made to the Board of Adjustment.
Ordinance No. 617 - Amending Chapter 2, "Administration", Article II, "Officers and Employees", Division 3, "Town Clerk" to Clarify the requirements of the Town Clerk.
Ordinance No. 618 - Amending Chapter 2 "Administration", Article VI "Finance", by Deleting Division 1 "Generally" and by creating a new Division 1 "Purchasing Code" to provide regulations governing the purchasing of goods and services.
Ordinance No. 620 - Amending Chapter 64 "Zoning", Article III, "Supplemental Regulations", by creating Section 64-60, "Decks, Patios, Steps, Stoops, and Terraces (unenclosed and uncovered) to provide setbacks.
Ordinance No. 621 - Amending Chapter 64 "Zoning", Article III "Supplemental Regulations", Section 64-49 "Temporary Structures" to clarify the regulations regarding temporary structures; Chapter 67 "Buildings and Building Regulations", Article 1 "In General", to provide for and clarify existing regulations governing construction sites.
Ordinance No. 622 - Amending Chapter 67 "Buildings and Building Regulations", Article II "Technical Codes and Other Construction Standards" By Creating Division 3, "Amendments to the Florida Building Code" To Set Forth The Local Amendments To The Florida Building Code.
Ordinance No. 623 - Amending Chapter 1, "General Provisions", Section 1-3, "Definitions"; Amending Chapter 66 "Environmental Regulations", by repealing Article II, "Flood Damage Prevention" and enacting a new Article II, "Floodplain Management", to adopt flood hazard maps, to designate a floodplain administrator, to adopt procedures and criteria for development in flood hazard areas and for other purposes; and amending Chapter 67 "Buildings and Building Regulations", Article III, "Technical Codes and Other Construction Standards", Division 1, "Generally", to clarify the minimum floor elevation and to adopt technical amendments to the Florida Building Code.
Ordinance No. 624 - Amending Chapter 66 "Environmental Regulations", Article II, "Floodplain Management", Section 66-21 "Inspections", Section 66-25 "Definitions", Section 66-32 "Manufactured Homes", To Provide Regulations Related To Manufactured Homes.
Ordinance No. 625 - Amending Chapter 34 "Nuisances, Article I "In General", Section 34-8 "Business By Contractors and Vendors on Sundays and Federal Holidays", to Clarify the Hours When  Construction May Be Conducted; Amending Article II "Noise", Division 3 "Noise Control Standards", Section 34-83 "Construction During Certain Hours, Sundays, and Federal Holidays; Penalties", To Regulate Construction Hours On Saturdays; Enacting Section 34-97 "Lawn Maintenance Equipment Noise" To Set Forth The Time Periods That Lawn Maintenance Equipment May Be Operated By Contractors and Vendors.
Ordinance No. 626
Ordinance No. 627 - Amending Chapter 63, "General and Administrative Provisions", Article IV, "Site Plan Review Procedures", Section 63-51 "Types of Applications", and enacting Section 63-56 "Concept Development Plan Review", to provide Concept Development Plan Review of new construction.