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Date:            July 7, 2006

From:           Kenneth Schenck, Town Manager

Re:                Town Update – July 2006



I am providing you with brief updates on some of the Town’s continuing projects and events. 

Stormwater Drainage Project - South Phase – On April 18, 2005 Chaz Equipment Company, Inc. (Chaz) was given the notice to proceed to start work on the South Phase of the stormwater drainage project.  Chaz has completed the paving on Tropical Drive with the first lift of asphalt.  They are in the process of working on the restoration of the driveway connections for the residents along Tropical Drive.  Tropical Drive road is open to through traffic.  They will be adjusting the new valve boxes and manhole covers to grade on Tropical Drive in preparation of the final lift of asphalt.  They have completed the installation of the new 6” water line on Tropical Drive that goes from the middle of the block west to North Ocean Blvd. (A-1-A).  Pressure testing and bacteriological testing have been completed on the new water line.  The engineers have applied for certification of the water line and are still waiting for clearance from the Health Department so it can be activated.  When the clearance is received the new water services will be tied in and the old 2” and 3” water mains will be abandon.  In the next few weeks they will be installing the five (5) pumps for the pump station.  Florida Power and Light (FPL) are in the process of installing an electric pole on A-1-A in front of Turtle Beach to provide power to the pump station.  Chaz will be also be addressing the punch list of outstanding issues in the right-of-way along State Road A-1-A.  The contractor conducted a start up of the Woolbright Road pump station and it has been put into operation.  The pumps and emergency generator will now automatically start when they are required.  They will be regrading the high and low spots in the detention area.  The South Florida Water Management District did a site inspection of the detention area and the results of the inspection confirm that the project is being constructed in general conformance with the permitted plans.  The engineer’s survey crew is continuing to collect as built data for the project.  The contractor was scheduled to be substantially complete with the project in three hundred eighty one (381) days from the notice to proceed date which would have made the date for substantial completion as May 3, 2006.


Coconut Lane Drainage Improvements – Chaz Equipment Company, Inc. had  completed some months ago the improvements in the road which included regrading the swales in the road right-of-way, uncovering of the old curbs and gutters and installed new curbs and gutters in the needed areas.  The contractor will soon be starting the improvements in the alley and have provided the Town with a final cost estimate of $170,365 for this work.  The improvements in the alley consist of removing obstructions, filling, regrading, soding and piping of the alley.  The residents on the south side of Coconut Lane have completed the signing of the hold harmless agreements for the installation of the improvements.  The costs for these improvements will be funded by the increase in the Town’s State Revolving Fund Loan with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP).  The Town submitted an application for a Lake Worth Lagoon Grant for the installation of a drainage injection well in the cul-de-sac on Coconut Lane.  The Town Engineer did a presentation to the grant selection committee but the project did not receive any funding but was ranked as a first alternative.  The engineers submitted a drainage connection permit application to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to connect the drainage pipe in the Coconut Lane alley to the detention area on Ocean Avenue.  The FDOT reviewed and denied the application as it does not demonstrate compliance with FDOT permit criteria.


Woolbright Detention Area Landscaping – The bids will be received by the Town until no later than 2:00 p.m., on June 13, 2006.for the installation of the landscaping, irrigation and fencing for the Ocean Ridge Detention Area located at the northwest corner of Woolbright Road and North Ocean Boulevard (A-1-A).  The property is approximately 2.5 acres and is part of the Town’s new stormwater drainage improvement project for the south end of the Town.  The property has a pump station to collect and store stormwater to the site during storm events.  The purpose of this landscape project is to enhance and beautify the property after all of the improvements have been installed.  The bids were opened in the Town Hall Chambers at 2:00 p.m. on June 13, 2006.  Only one (1) bid was received; which was from Mark Tomberg Irrigation and Landscaping, Inc. in the amount of $263,816.99.  The amount of the bid was considerably higher than the staff had anticipated.  In lieu of the considerable time delay and expense to re-advertise the bid the staff decided to meet with Tomberg in an attempt to negotiate to reduce the costs of the bid.  Tomberg advised that due to the requirements of the bid to include the Wild Lime plant in his submitted bid the other plant prices were higher because the Wild Lime was only available from one of his suppliers.  This supplier had higher prices on the majority of the other plants in the bid.  The staff and landscape architect decided to remove the Wild Lime plant from the bid and replace it with Myrsine and American Crinum.  Tomberg was then able to receive more competitive prices from a different supplier and reduce the prices on the majority of the plants.  The staff and landscape architect decided in order to reduce the costs of the bid even further the rocks were removed, the amount of mulch was reduced and the specifications for the size of some of the plants were modified.  Tomberg recalculated his bid and it was reduced to $179,702.57 which was a $84,114.42 savings from the original bid.  The staff has reviewed Tomberg’s qualifications and references and feel that they will perform a good job for the Town. The staff is recommending the award of the bid to Mark Tomberg Irrigation and Landscaping, Inc. of Jupiter, Florida for the installation of the landscaping, irrigation and fencing for the Woolbright Road detention area in the amount of $179,702.57 from the Capital Projects Fund.  The Town is scheduling the award of the bid at the July 2006 regular meeting of the Town Commission.

Tropical Drive Pumping – The permanent pumps have not yet installed in the Tropical Drive pump station so a temporary pumping system was required.  Chaz Equipment Company has set up the Town’s 6” portable pump on Tropical Drive to pump the water out of the wet well into the 48” force main that goes to the Woolbright Road detention area.  This setup has eliminated the need to have a pump discharge hose run down the length of Tropical Drive to pump the water over the dune onto the beach.  It was been observed that the wet well continually fills with water from infiltration of water from the drainage pipes to the north.  In the next week Rock Line Vac Systems will be going out to investigate and clean the drainage pipes to the north of Tropical Drive to see where the water is infiltrating from.  When the problem is located it will be repaired.


State Revolving Fund Loan – At the June Town Commission Meeting the Town approved the Clean Water State Revolving Fund Amendment 3 to the Loan Agreement with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) for financing of construction activities for the Town’s Stormwater Drainage Improvements.  According to the loan agreement amendment the Town will be able to receive an additional $900,343 for construction related costs for the stormwater drainage projects.  This increase is for the additional construction and mechanical costs for the South Phase project, the Adams Road and David Lane improvements, the Coconut Lane improvements, and additional technical services.  The interest rate for these additional funds will be at 2.65 percent and will not change for the duration of the loan.  The new total disbursable amount for the loan now will be increased to $7,006,817.  The term of the loan is for 20-years with semi-annual payments.  The yearly payment amount of the loan will be $473,600 made in two (2) payments of $236,800 every (6) months.  The next payment of the loan will be on July 15, 2006.  If, upon completion of the stormwater drainage improvements, the Town does not require use of the full loan amount an amendment will be made to the loan agreement to decrease the principle of the loan which in turn would decrease the loan payment amount.  On June 22, 2006 the Town received the signed loan agreement amendment back from the FDEP.  The additional funds are now available for disbursement to the Town from the loan.  As of this date the Town has received $5,615,085 from disbursements and $1,391,732 is the new balance available from the loan.




July 10:  Town Commission Meeting – 6:00 pm


July 11:  Code Enforcement – 10:00 am


July 25:  Budget Meeting – 8:00 am


August 10:  Town Commission Meeting – 6:00 pm


Chief Hillery – Out of Town - June 26 to July 9 - Conference & Vacation