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Town of Ocean Ridge


Date:            September 7, 2006

From:           Kenneth Schenck, Town Manager

Re:                Town Update – September 2006



I am providing you with brief updates on some of the Town’s continuing projects and events. 

Stormwater Drainage Project - South Phase – On April 18, 2005 Chaz Equipment Company, Inc. (Chaz) was given the notice to proceed to start work on the South Phase of the stormwater drainage project.  Chaz is in the process of completing the paving on the east half of Tropical Drive with the final lift of asphalt.  They will complete the paving of the west half of Tropical Drive when the pump station has been completed.  The electrical contractor has started the electrical work for the installation of the pumps on Tropical Drive.  Chaz is also addressing the punch list of outstanding issues in the right-of-way along State Road A-1-A.  The electrical contractor has also installed the 40’ radio antenna tower at the Town Hall for the telemetry system.  The Woolbright Road pump station is in full operation.  The pumps and emergency generator will automatically start when they are required.  The punch list of items that remain to be completed or require further attention was updated on August 25th.  The contractor will be regrading the high and low spots in the detention area when the standing water dries up.  The engineer’s survey crew is continuing to collect as built data for the project.  The contractor was scheduled to be substantially complete with the project in three hundred eighty one (381) days from the notice to proceed date which would have made the date for substantial completion as May 3, 2006.


Coconut Lane Drainage Improvements – Chaz Equipment Company, Inc. has completed the improvements in the alley which consisted of removing obstructions, filling, regrading, soding and piping of the alley.  The residents on the south side of Coconut Lane were required to sign hold harmless agreements for the installation of the improvements in their backyards.  During the past few rain events the yard drains in the alley have been checked and appear to be functioning quite well.  The residents need to keep debris and vegetation out of the swales and gutters to allow the water to flow so the drainage system will operate properly.  In the next week Line Tec, Inc. will be installing a drainage sump at the west end of the cul-de-sac in order to facilitate the pumping of the water from the road during a rain event.  


Woolbright Detention Area Landscaping – At the July 2006 regular meeting of the Town Commission the bid was awarded to Mark Tomberg Irrigation and Landscaping, Inc. (Tomberg) of Jupiter, Florida for the installation of the landscaping, irrigation and fencing for the Woolbright Road detention area in the amount of $179,702.57 from the Capital Projects Fund.  On August 10, 2006 the Town issued Tomberg a notice to proceed to start work for the project.  The contractor is required to complete all the specified work within sixty (60) days from the date of the notice to proceed.  Tomberg has completed all the trimming of the ficus trees on the north end of the property, removal of the two (2) dead royal palms, and cleaning out the weeds and evasive plants in the preserve area.  They have also completed the installation of the Sabal Palm trees and the piping for the irrigation system.  The fence contractor is in the process of the installation of the post and rail fence that goes around the perimeter of the detention area. Tomberg is also in the process of installing 513 Saw Palmetto plants that are part of the landscaping plans.  The Town is providing Tomberg a second payment in the amount of $46,900.26 for work that has been completed.

State Revolving Fund Loan – On August 29, 2006 a disbursement request for construction for the South Phase of the stormwater drainage improvements was submitted to the FDEP.  This disbursement was for construction services of $826,521, mechanical equipment of $111,262 and technical services during construction of $66,677 for a total disbursement in the amount of $1,004,460.  The total disbursable amount for the loan is $7,006,817.  As of this date, the Town has received $5,615,085 from disbursements and $1,391,732 is the balance available from the loan.


Hurricane Funding – On August 21, 2006 the Town received checks in the amount of $14,281.07 from Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for disaster relief funding for Hurricane Wilma as part of the public assistance program.  These funds were to reimburse the Town for damage to the Town Hall building and garage.  The total amount that the Town has received from FEMA for Hurricane Wilma is $218,811.27.


Temporary Relocation – At the July 25, 2006 Budget Meeting the approval was given for the staff to start preparations for the construction of the new Town Municipal Building.  The first step would include the temporary relocation of the Town Hall and Police Department for the duration of the construction of the new building.  Two (2) portable buildings have been ordered and should be delivered by the middle of November.  The Town Hall will be housed in a 60 foot x 24 foot unit and the Police Department in a 72 foot x 24 foot unit.  The civil engineer is in the process of completing the plans for the temporary road and parking lot which will provide access to the portable buildings.  At the September Town Commission Meeting the staff is seeking approval to go out to bid for the construction of the temporary road and parking lot.  After the completion of the temporary relocation the next step would include the demolition of the existing Town Hall and Police Department buildings.





September 11:  Tentative Budget Adoption Meeting – 5:01 pm


September 11:  Town Commission Meeting – following budget meeting


September 12:  Code Enforcement – 10:00 am


September 18:  Final Budget Adoption Meeting – 5:01 pm


October 2:  Town Commission Meeting (tentatively) – 6:00 pm


October 3:  Code Enforcement – 10:00 am



cc:     Edward Hillery, Police Chief

          Karen Hancsak, Town Clerk

          Town Employees